There is a way of things for healing

There is a way to get the power of God to do what we want it to do;
to heal us when we need healing;
to supply our needs when we feel lack;
to comfort us when we are troubled;
to bring us friends when we are lonely, joy for grief, and peace for pain;
to light our path when we are lost and wander frightened in the dark.

It is the way that a rainbow is made after rain.

It is the way that morning is made to follow night and spring is made to come after winter.

It is the way that a bare branch brings forth green leaves.

It is the way that the mist rises out of the sea, and the way that an ugly waterbug changes into a dragonfly.

Do you know this way?

It is the way of attunement.

It is the way of being one with the way of things.

At the core of being is a rhythm; when you place yourself in tune with this cosmic rhythm, all things work together for you and you work in harmony with all things.

There is a way of things. That is all you can say of it.

But learn the way of things and follow the way—walk in the way, work in the way—and everything will go your way.

The universe is God’s work.

He made it very good. He made it to bring forth good.

He made it to move and grow, to unfold and expand.

When you move with the universe, the universe moves with you—and through you and for you.

Then there is nothing you cannot do or be because all the forces of the universe—all the expanding energies of life—are focused in you and pour through you to come into expression.