Archangel Michael

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Michael’s name means « He who is like God » or “He who looks like God”. This archangel is a leader among archangels.

Archangel Michael guidance and protection

He’s in charge of the order of angels known as “the Virtues” and he oversees the lightworker’s life purpose.

He can be called on to guide who feel lost, or stuck with respect to their life’s purpose or career path.

You can call on Michael whenever you are afraid or vulnerable and he will come immediately.

He gives courage and protects you from anyone who might have intended to harm you.

Archangel Michael is a fiery energy and his presence is enough to make you sweat. His aura is royal purple and when he’s nearby you may see bright blue or purple sparks of light.

The gemstone sugilite is aligned with Archangel Michael’s energy and if you wear sugilite you may find yourself channeling profound and loving messages from Michael.